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Services are provided online via HIPAA-compliant telehealth and in-person in Seattle, WA 

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Individual Therapy

I welcome all adults of all experiences (ages 18 and up)! I enjoy working with all LGBTQQAIP+ experiences and people wanting to overcome past hurts and process trauma. I integrate attachment-based, experiential, trauma-informed, and body-based theories into my practice (such as Internal Family Systems & EMDR). I am especially honored to walk with transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary folx on their journey.


I humbly ground my practice in these values:

  • sex-positive, polyam-affirming, & kink-positive

  • fat positive & size neutral

  • LGBTQQAIP+ centered


I approach my work with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with humility, collaboration, and a commitment to personal accountability.


Couples & Partnerships

I deeply enjoy supporting partnerships in crisis, growth, transition, or beginnings. Partnerships may be romantic, parenting, divorced, domestic, nesting, or more. My work with partnerships is attachment-based and I am trained in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. 

I help partnerships with things like:

  • One or both partners struggling with depression or anxiety

  • Emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Healing from past hurts and wounds

  • Increasing communication

  • Parenting together

  • Navigating partnerships ending, opening up, or co-parenting 


In-Person Groups

I offer in-person therapy and support groups in the Greater Seattle Area. Group work is especially potent for issues of isolation and loneliness, anxiety, depression, grief, and transformation. Group work can stand alone or be an excellent addition to individual or relationship therapy. 


To view my current offerings visit my the website of my collaborator, Blaze Creature, LMHCA.



Through my student and associate supervision, I couldn't find anyone who shared my lived experience as a trans nonbinary, queer, and polyamorous provider in my community. That was what drove me to become a supervisor.

As a supervisor, my goal is to support you in all aspects of your practice - self of the therapist awareness, financial and business scheming, and the joy/challenge of unending learning that our field invites us into.


I offer individual, dyadic, and group (up to 6 participants) supervision online and in-person at my Northwest Seattle office for associate licensees seeking full icensure and and fully licensed folks seeking ongoing consult and community. 


I am an approved supervisor in WA state and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor Candidate. My Mentor of Supervision is Dr. Alex Inataffi

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